Thursday, 5 July 2007

Monday night at TUSC

TUSC met for the first time at the Constitutional Club last Monday. We sang our way through all our favourite songs and drank vast quantities of beer. After a little consideration we decided we like the new venue and the atmosphere seemed right for future TUSC meetings. Fortunately the members drinking on a Monday night also enjoyed our singing and playing, so we signed up and paid our membership.

The ukulele is a marvellous instrument for playing in a large group and with a little organisation a wonderful sound can be made. We just sing a few easy songs to warm up and then go around the circle with each person choosing the next song. There is always lots of talk about instruments and strings and the chance to play different ukuleles and of course we drink plenty of beer.

Anyone is welcome to come along to TUSC, you don't even need a ukulele. Steve and Alison are our 'Newbie Ambassadors' and will help you get acquainted with the club.

As you can see from the pictures we have a great time and drink lots of beer.


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