Sunday, 27 January 2008

Ukulele Revolution with Steven Sproat

TUSC is proud to Present Ukulele Revolution with the UK's finest ukulele performer Steven Sproat.

Steven first played ukulele at the age of 10 when his father gave him a John Grey banjo uke. He has since gone on to become one of the most respected ukulele performers in the UK. He has supported the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and played at many venues both large and small. Last year he took the New York Ukulele festival by storm, dazzling the international audience with his strumming firework display. His new CD 'Acer Glade' is out now, along with a series of excellent ukulele tutor books available.

The show will be at The Constitutional Club, Bishop's Hull, Taunton on Friday 14th March.

It will also feature retro ukulele band 'The Night Owls', Uke super group 'Tony and Tom' and of course the world famous 'Ukulele Eddie'.

The show is free for club members and any guests wishing to attend should email Nipper.

I thought you may like to see Steven in action so first up here is his video for 'Alone Again' taken from his new album 'Acer Glade'.

And here is Steven performing at TUSC last year.


Saturday, 26 January 2008

Ukulele on CNN

A couple of weeks ago Sasha Herriman from CNN came down to Taunton to film the children at my school and later the same day visited TUSC. Here is the news report that went out on CNN.

It was great fun playing for the cameras and both children and adults had a wonderful time. Sasha is also a singer of some note, look out for her in the Concert for George DVD, she is in the Ravi Shankar Choir; I think we may have even persuaded her to take up the ukulele!


TUSC Awards 2007

It has been a while since I last posted so here is the first of a few updates...
In December we presented the annual TUSC awards. Below are some of the proud winners .

The awards were a follows;

Ukulele Eddie - Most New Ukes And Holidays Whilst Singing Sweetly
Tony - The Harmony Doctor And The Ukulele Player Who Came Down A Hill But Went
Back Up A Mountain
Tom - Having The Biggest Uke With The Coolest Sound
Carol - The Rhythm Queen And The Least Amount Of Legs
Grant - Most Improved Player With A Rubber Face
Fran - Most Improved Player (without a rubber face)
Jodie - Singer Of The Year
Susie - The Furthest Flung Uke-Club Attendee
Pat - The Best Finger-Picker And Tall-Story Teller
Diane - Teaching
Gorillas To Sing
Chris - Strummer Of The Year
Scott - Being Most Like Elvis
Debbie - The Best Uker In The Back Of A Camper-Van
Jugs - Never Turning Up
, Ever
Dave - Most Impressive
Sarah - The Hostess With The Mostest
Ben - Short-Back-And-Sides
Ian - Being Least Likely To Wear A Hawaiian Shirt
Nicky - Hitting The High Notes
Steve - Most Sudden Departure
Martin - Being The Keenest New Uker
Josh - Bravest And Most Romantic Ukulele Player
Alison - The Most Improved Singer & Player Despite Being A
Jim - The Fret-Board Wizard
Plus Entry Into The Hole Sniffers Hall Of Fame

Steve - * Consistent Attendance * Consistently Improving Playing * Organising TUSC Gigs * Being Cheerful & Helpful * Consistently Improving Singing * Buying Beer For Nipper