Thursday, 17 July 2008

Ukulele Revolution with Bosko and Honey

It is a little short notice but Bosko and Honey will be playing a gig in Taunton on Monday 28th July at the Constitutional Club, Bishop's Hull. As if this wasn't enough the comic superman Jeff Japers and retro band The Night Owls will also be performing.

Ukulele duo Bosko and Honey are currently touring the world on a self styled ‘Ukulele Safari’. They have played to great acclaim at both the New York Ukulele festival and the Italian International Ukulele Festival. The Safari has taken them from their home in Australia, via Japan, the US and now to Europe. Their stunningly innovative and unique ukulele music has beguiled and enthralled audiences every step of the way.

Eclectic ukulele performer and song writer Jeff Japers once again brings his original comic creations to Taunton. Hailing from South Wales Jeff has been busy putting together a new set of songs to entertain and delight.

The Night Owls play hot syncopated 1920’s songs and wooing love songs of the 1930’s. Their stylish performance of harmony singing and ukulele make them a much sought after band on the ukulele circuit.

As with other Ukulele Revolution gigs email me if you would like to attend.

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