Saturday, 26 January 2008

TUSC Awards 2007

It has been a while since I last posted so here is the first of a few updates...
In December we presented the annual TUSC awards. Below are some of the proud winners .

The awards were a follows;

Ukulele Eddie - Most New Ukes And Holidays Whilst Singing Sweetly
Tony - The Harmony Doctor And The Ukulele Player Who Came Down A Hill But Went
Back Up A Mountain
Tom - Having The Biggest Uke With The Coolest Sound
Carol - The Rhythm Queen And The Least Amount Of Legs
Grant - Most Improved Player With A Rubber Face
Fran - Most Improved Player (without a rubber face)
Jodie - Singer Of The Year
Susie - The Furthest Flung Uke-Club Attendee
Pat - The Best Finger-Picker And Tall-Story Teller
Diane - Teaching
Gorillas To Sing
Chris - Strummer Of The Year
Scott - Being Most Like Elvis
Debbie - The Best Uker In The Back Of A Camper-Van
Jugs - Never Turning Up
, Ever
Dave - Most Impressive
Sarah - The Hostess With The Mostest
Ben - Short-Back-And-Sides
Ian - Being Least Likely To Wear A Hawaiian Shirt
Nicky - Hitting The High Notes
Steve - Most Sudden Departure
Martin - Being The Keenest New Uker
Josh - Bravest And Most Romantic Ukulele Player
Alison - The Most Improved Singer & Player Despite Being A
Jim - The Fret-Board Wizard
Plus Entry Into The Hole Sniffers Hall Of Fame

Steve - * Consistent Attendance * Consistently Improving Playing * Organising TUSC Gigs * Being Cheerful & Helpful * Consistently Improving Singing * Buying Beer For Nipper

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