Sunday, 30 September 2007

More Beer, Ukuleles and a Gibson Martini

The beer and ukuleles post on this blog has sparked much discussion and quite a few emails.

Iso Herquist sent in this great picture.

Ace uke builder and totally top chap, 'Mighty' John Colter sent this picture of his great friend and ukulele confidant, Cosmo Smallpiece. Cosmo is enjoying a beer while strumming one of John's fabulous cigar box ukes. (Picture also features a knee belonging to Ray Shakeshaft of

Craig Robertson sent in a recipe for the perfect 'Gibson Martini'.

"Whilst I hesitate to diverge from the beer theme...I think there is one very clear occasion where I would take exception with the "beer and ukulele" mating. And that's in the case of the Gibson ukulele.

Two shots of good gin, a whisper of dry vermouth over cracked ice. shake vigorously and pour into a chilled martini glass. add, most importantly, a speared onion. Voila: The Gibson Martini...a wonderment to drink and it makes every strum magical, every note you sing thrush-like!
" (Quote from Uketalk)

And finally Steve (Uke Van Surf) and I didn't quite make it to a beer festival but did manage to play our ukes and drink some great beer at the 'Lamb and Flag'. Steve sent this picture of me, some beer and his Tangi soprano.

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