Tuesday, 21 August 2007

A Murderous Ellipse

Craig Robertson, song writer extraordinare, regularly posts demos of new songs he has just written. One which really caught my ear was 'Nicotine', so much so that I played it for Mrs Nipper. Those of you who know the great Mrs N. will be aware that she has an acute ear for any sort of ambiguity and found a great one in the song. Craig when singing about finding his deseased father's lighter sings;

"........I found it when he died in his front desk drawer"

Well this got the brain cells working and Mrs Nipper came up with a song lyric in response, I tweaked it and added a Craig Robertson style melody. I then recorded a demo featuring voice, Eckhaus 1K soprano Ukulele, bass, melodica and slide guitar. It's a little rough around the edges but it seems to work.

I sent the song to Craig and he was tickled by the "goofy, murderous ellipse", so here are both songs for your enjoyment.

Click here to listen to 'Nicotine' by Craig Robertson

Click here to listen to 'Poor Pa' by Nipper and Moogly Moo

My apologies to anyone with a father who is only 4 inchs tall and has recently had a fatal accident with a piece of office equipment.


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